Green Aventurine is a stone of luck which brings in luck in all affairs, including, love, health, business, prosperity, wealth, love & opportunities. It is a cleansing stone also which clears all past blockages, disappointments, and habits; hence, enables a positive outlook for life. Green Aventurine appears like an emerald stone, May considered as a substitute for emerald, the stone of the planet Mercury.

Benefits of Green Aventurine Bracelet:

The benefits of wearing a Green Aventurine Bracelet are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It exalts the planet Mercury.
  • It clears obstacles and opens the door to new opportunities.
  • It helps to manifest desires, wealth, and success.
  • It helps in attracting the love of life.
  • It gets a great business sense and ensures success in any business.
  • It makes you a great competitor; moreover, ensures success in any competition.
  • It brings good vibes and good luck for special days, events & occasions such as result, promotion, proposals & dealing, etc.
  • It fills up with enthusiasm.
  • It develops incredible confidence, leadership, decisiveness, and a sense of responsibility inside.
  • It supports and fastens up natural recovery & healing.
  • It develops inner harmony and balances the emotional level.
  • It awakens the Heart Chakra and makes you more open to love.
  • It as well acts on heart issues, cardiac conditions, blood pressure, and circulatory problems, etc.

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Green Aventurine Bracelet

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