15 Mukhi Rudraksh (I) 15.00mm

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  • Brand: SRAK
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Product Type-15 Mukhi Rudraksha From Indonesia 


Brand-Srak with lab Certificate

Warranty -5 Year (warranty of original rudraksh)

Slight color variation due to different computers resolutions ..


15 Mukhi Rudraksha:

A Fifteen faced Rudraksha has 15 natural lines on its surface. It represents Lord Pashupatinath who is incarnation of Lord Shiva. This incarnation of Lord Shiva is said to control the animal instincts of the wearer thereby making him a better human being. This Rudraksha bead helps the wearer to channelise his thoughts in a right direction and remain focused. This Rudraksha enhances the Intuitive Power and the Sixth Sense of the Wearer due to which he is able to make right decisions and take steps in right directions in his life. A 15 mukhi Rudraksha has all the virtues and powers of 14 mukhi Rudraksha and hence the wearer is able to achieve very high levels of Economic and Spiritual Progress.

Benefits Of 15 Mukhi:

  • Out of the 1008 names of Lord Shiva, Pahupati Nath is a very famous name and that is why this Rudraksha is so important. Lord Shiva in the form the Pashupati Nath holds many ancient weapons in his hands and all of them have different effects.
  • 15 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be beneficial for people suffering from heart diseases and also for people suffering from diseases related to eyes and throat. It has a positive impact on the creativeness & imagination of mind.

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