Fengsui Tree


Description of gemstone Tree:

These wonderful little gemstone trees offer a powerful feng shui cure. In traditional feng shui, trees create a space where chi, or life-force energy can freely flow. The energy of gemstone trees is one of freely flowing abundance. Whether you place this little crystal tree in your home as a decoration, on your altar for its symbolic value, the gemstone tree is a beautiful all by itself. Each tree features a piece of wood as its base,with a wire tree “growing up” up from a base of small gemstone chips, and blossoming outward into beautiful gemstones that represent the trees leaves. Use these little gemstone trees to “grow” positive energy in your life and attract positive energy  into your home, spells, and meditation.

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Agate Gemstone Tree

Note: This tree is made from genuine mixed crystal gemchips. The item comes with a certificate of guarantee to authenticate the natural crystal and originality of make

Where to place the tree?

The multicolored crystal tree can be used to empower and infuse your home or workplace with healthful energy. They are also best used for healing and protection by producing sacred space for homes and workplaces. The multicolored crystal tree will be combined with either citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz, tiger eye, rose quartz, white crystal, bluelace agate, green adventurine, red agate etc. Therefore it is excellent to balance our seven chakras, yin and yang and also the 5 elements of our surroundings.

These trees are usually filled with wishes hung on all the branches. In fact, wishtrees have been documented during the ancient times as a powerful symbol to harvest ones wishes, be it for relationship, wealth, health, family harmony or passing high court examinations.


The multicolored crystal tree can be placed anywhere you want to cleanse and enhance, including the bedroom. Everytime you feel that the crystals are out of energy, the best way to reactivate them is to shine some lights on them or put them under the sun for 3 hours, because fire energy produces earth energy. This signifies nurturing the energy of the mother earth which results in activating the crystal power even more.

Remember that southwest is the love corner, which means when crystals are placed there, they bring steady relationships, romance and love.


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