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The Laughing Buddha feng shui symbol is based on the story of a Buddhist monk who lived in the 10th century China. He was a bit too eccentric for a monk, but his heart was loving and open, and in time he came to be loved by many. He is considered a reincarnation of Gautama Buddha (the historical Buddha); and added the often missing energy of light heartedness, joy and laughter to everyday life. 

Also called the Happy, Hotei or Traveling Buddha, the Laughing Buddha is often depicted with gold ingots, a Wu Lou (Chinese gourd), a sack of treasures or surrounded by children. And, of course, a big belly! 

The most common feng shui use of the Laughing Buddha is as a cure for wealth and good luck. The symbol of Laughing Buddha is considered to bring auspicious energy, wealth and joyful blessings anywhere it is placed, so now you know why you can see at least one Laughing buddha in Chinese restaurants, for example. 

If you want to use a Laughing Buddha statue as a feng shui cure for your home, first decide on best materials and colours for your decor. You can find feng shui statues in a variety of materials, from resin to metal, rock crystal and even porcelain, and the Laughing Buddha statues and figurines are no exception. Would a white colour Laughing Buddha look best in your home? Maybe a golden one?


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Product Type - Golden Laughing Buddha with Red Bordered Shawl Weight (In Gms): 927.0 Length (..


    Product Type - Metallic Bronze Golden Color Laughing Buddha Weight..


    Product Type - Golden Painted Laughing Buddha Weight (In Gms): 327..


    Product Type - Laughing Buddha with Blue Shawl Weight (In Gms): 12..


    Product Type - Silver Metal Laughing Buddha Sitting Weight (In Gms..


    Product Type - Laughing Buddha with Vessels on Head Weight (In Gms..


Product Type - Laughing Budha Seating On Frog Weight (In Gms): 1905.0 Length (In Inches): 7.5..


    Product Type - Silver White Laughing Buddha Weight (In Gms): 417.0..


    Product Type - Standing Laughing Buddha with Coins Weight (In Gms)..

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